Doggie Do Gooders

Dudley & Co is more than just a maker of luxury, quality clothing for dogs.

Yes, we are those things, but from the outset, our aim is to ‘pay it forward’. To some, this is an overused phrase, but for us, it means helping others out - to be more precise, helping dogs out.

You see, the world is full of dogs no one wants, which breaks our heart. Shelters are full to bursting, but we believe that all dogs deserve a loving home.

So for every dog coat Dudley & Co sells, we decided to donate to charities that rescue or rehabilitate unwanted, unclaimed or injured dogs who fell through the cracks in life. Casting around for a charity that made a real difference, there was one that instantly stood out.

Flying Fur Animal Rescue

We first came across Paul Steklenski’s Flying Fur Animal Rescue on Instagram.

Based in Pennsylvania, Flying Fur rescue saves dogs from ‘kill shelters’ in the American south, and finds them new and loving homes. We loved what Paul was doing so much, we sent our chief editor to join him on the road as Paul rescued 14 dogs from kill shelters, and found them new and loving homes.

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We are proud to support his non-profit by making a donation for every signature coat we sell and allowing our members to make (optional) donations at the check out.